Elmer One in Kasarani

Property Description

Elmer is a destination that is affordable and incorporates high quality materials and the best use of the location. Its a product that provides value for the residents by offering distinct recreational facilities and amenities that are uniquely designed to provide comfort and a serene ambience. Elmer will be professionally managed post-construction to ensure the tenant’s comfort, health and safety.

Pricing is as seen below

  1. Studio – KES 2,100,000
  2. 1 Bedroom – KES 4,000,000
  3. 1 Bedroom Loft – KES 4,200,000
  4. 2 Bedroom – 5,200,000
    Ample security with a 24hour security guards as well as a perimeter wall with electric fence
    The rooftop garden, unit balconies, bay windows and the landscaped courtyard will provide a calm outdoor living space escape.
    The courtyard garden has been designed to create a serene and tranquil environment to help residents relax in the rather busy city life.
    Entertainment is uniquely envisioned at the rooftop of the apartment complex as rooftop lounges, a mini tennis court and a mini soccer pitch.


Property Structure: Wood, Brick

Property Features

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